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FlexProp supplies the automotive and aerospace industries with lightweight production equipment. By combining composite materials and a patented methodology for design and manufacturing, FlexProp offers robust and lightweight production equipment for various applications—everything from small manual tools, fixtures, jigs and handling devices to large structures.

By combining state-of-the-art design tools, innovative design and skilled workmanship, FlexProp is recognized as the leading supplier of lightweight production equipment for the automotive and aerospace industry.


Karl-Otto Strömberg, the founder of FlexProp, started his business in 1986. As the name FlexProp indicates, it all started with various types of propellers in composite material. Since 2003, the business has solely focused on lightweight production equipment mainly for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Composite Service has been manufacturing fixtures and grippers for Flexprop since 2017 and from 7th of September 2018 Composite Service Europe  aquired Flexprop assets including IP and patents


Composite Service Europe is located in the northern part of Sweden. Öjebyn is considered as the capital of Composites in Scandinavia.

We are member of SWECIC which is the cluster of Swedish Composite Innovation Center. Other members are ABB Composites, Gestamp Hardtech, Research Institute of Sweden RISE, Podcomp, Blade solutions, Boxmodul and PTC. Öjebyn is also close to Luleå Technical University and Luleå airport which is only one hours flight from Stockholm.  

”FlexProp has been working extensively for more than 15 years with Midnight Composite (MC), today part of Composite Service Europe AB (CSE). It is with great satisfaction that FP sees how this cooperation is further developed within the framework of CSE. The cooperation between CSE, FP and MC will provide better conditions for the planned expansion, immediate capacity increase and widening our skills”

Karl-Otto Strömberg, CEO and founder of Flexprop

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