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FlexProp has benefited the automotive and aerospace industries with lightweight production equipment since 1999. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art robust production equipment such as fixtures, jigs, manual tooling and handling equipment in various size and for various applications. We thereby ensure our customers' long-term benefits, namely reduced investments cost, improved productivity, and flexibility.

By introducing manual fixtures in composite material from FlexProp, we have eliminated continuous control and service on our manual fixtures. The new fixtures from FlexProp are approximately half the weight and tremendously more robust compared to the previous steel fixture. Productivity has improved significantly and there are never any errors in production caused by deformed manual fixtures.

By introducing lightweight fixtures we have been able to plan our production differently and thereby reduce workshop floor by 60%, energy consumption by 40% and now model change is done in one day compared to five previously.

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fixtureBy combining innovative patented methodology for design and manufacturing and state-of-the-art composite material technology, FlexProp offer robust production equipment up to 10 times lighter compared to conventional technology.

The weight savings are fantastic, the base frame of the fixture is now 60 kg compared to 750 kg for the previous steel frame.

Some of the designs are not feasible to build in steel considering the way we have to handle the equipment, but now when we use composite fixtures from FlexProp, the weight is reduced to less than 10% of the alternative steel one. Now it is feasible to plan production as we want.

By reducing the weight from 36 kg to 8 kg the operators are very pleased, quality and productivity is improved.

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Why lightweight equipment?

Any state-of-the-art production line has dynamic processes where numerous tools are handled manually or by various types of robots. By reducing the weight of fixtures, jigs, handling equipment and manual tools, the production can be planned more efficiently, flexibility is improved, investment costs are reduced, and ergonomics are enhanced.

Normally our fixtures are well grounded on the workshop floor due to the weight. It is not uncommon we are talking about 3500 kg for each fixture. These fixtures are now handled by robots and allow a much more efficient workflow in our plant. This was feasible as the weight of the fixtures were reduced to less than 150 kg.

Don’t show this equipment to the operators. If they see it, they will never accept anything else.

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